WCAP 55th Birthday Party Report__Berkshires

SteveOrdinetz hykker@grolen.com
Thu Jun 15 20:39:04 EDT 2006

  Doug Drown wrote:
>"Boom Boom"'s real name is, if I'm not mistaken, Joseph Motto.  He started
>with WPTR way back in the early '60s, if not before, stayed with the station
>until it dropped the Top 40 format in the mid-'70s, then showed up years
>later on WMVI.  I don't think he ever owned WMVI, though.  Does anyone know
>what he's doing now?

Didn't he own (the now dark) 1400 in Berlin, N.H. in the mid-ish 80s?  I 
somehow recall reading something to that effect back then...I don't think 
he kept it for very long.

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