WCAP 55th Birthday Party Report__Berkshires

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At one point I believe that Brannigan owned 1160 in Mechanicville. I think
this was while he was doing a voice-tracked show on one of the later
incarnations of Crawford-owned WPTR. In fact, I don't even know whether
Brannigan might not still own 1160 (ex-WMVI; the calls are now WABY, I
believe. What was WABY was acquired by WAMC, the big-signal public FM atop
Mt Greylock. IIRC, what had been WAMC became WAMC-FM and WABY became WAMC

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> Yes, by "talk" I meant non-music (such as sports)...which also was about
> time it became  WOFX,
> no longer associated with WTRY-FM I believe.
> And, yes, 1998 is when I quite even checking 980 signal when I
> visited home / Albany area.
> I apologize for my lack of precision.
> Thank you, especially Scott, for the corrections.
> I also was also disappointed with WPTR when it went WDCD & religious,
> (later WPTR again, & then...). another former top-40's when I was in high
> school.
> with "Boom Boom" Brannigan* for one.
> Bob

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