5 kW 980 kHz DA-2

Bill O'Neill me@billoneill.us
Mon Jun 12 12:49:54 EDT 2006

Scott made his trek to the WCAP tower farm, his fancy camera in hand, on 
Sunday morning with Maurice Cohen. It will be interesting to contrast 
what Scott's views were in comparison to some very early shots of the 
tower farm that are located at the station website at wcap.net  taken in 
1981.  (As of this writing, we hope to meet up with Scott in Middlebury, 
VT for a coffee before he completes his trip back to base camp.)

It was great to hear from people who were involved with the many months 
of engineering work and signal study that went into gaining approval of 
WCAP's 5kW DA-2 configuration, granted in 1980.  In fact, venerable 
newsguy Dave Faneuf noted that he, too, teamed up with the guys to 
gather the necessary data back in '79 - '80, recalling many a swamp to 
slog through.  File under: You learn something every day, or, some 
people will go anywhere for the story.

Bill O'Neill

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