Gues We Were All Wrong

Dan Strassberg
Thu Jun 8 06:35:47 EDT 2006

Well, for decades (generations? centuries?) PPM was the acronym for parts
per million. But like so many acronyms, PPM has been usurped (in this case,
by AC Neilson Co, IIRC). In this context, PPM stands for Purple People
Meter, not to be confused with the Sheb Wooley hit novelty record from the
60s (or was it 50s?), "The Flying Purple-People Eater." (The hyphen is
important. If you recall the lyric, althouth the PPE had but one eye and one
toe, he wasn't himself purple--or at least he might not have been--he got
his name because he consumed purple people.)

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> On 7 Jun 2006 at 17:53, Garrett Wollman wrote:
> > I believe I'm the only person in my immediate group at work (eight
> > people aged 25-54) who listens to commercial radio.  Probably all of
> > us would hang up on Arbitron if they ever called to ask if we would
> > keep a diary, and I don't think anyone would be wiling to carry a PPM
> > either.  (Maybe for $100; not for $1.)  At least two of us, maybe
> > more, don't have land-lines at all.
> What's a PPM?
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