Talk for Women

David Tomm
Thu Jun 1 16:43:59 EDT 2006

There's a couple of different approaches to this new breed of "female 
talk."  One is the more traditional direction without the politics like 
Charlie's station is running.  That would include shows like Dr. Laura, 
Joy Browne, Satellite Sisters, etc.

There's also a more "entertainment" style which is led by morning show 
type programs that target women, but airing them all day long.  A 
perfect example of this is the programming on WLNK/Charlotte, NC.  They 
are the flagship station for the syndicated Bob & Sheri morning show, 
but air other similar shows throughout the day.  This station recently 
brought in WFLY/Albany's morning show, Candy and Potter, and put them 
on middays.  Another show along the same lines, Matt and Ramona, airs 
in PM drive there.  Each of these programs play maybe three or four 
songs an hour and the rest is female oriented talk content.  Despite 
relatively low 12+ numbers, WLNK is one of the highest billing stations 
in that market, and do very well with 25-54 women--a prime sales 
demographic.  Other Hot AC's and even a few CHR's around the country 
are beginning to experiment with the "morning show" approach outside of 
morning drive as well.

Not only are we seeing this with female talk, it's also emerging in 
Urban radio as well.  Many stations are running Wendy Williams or 
Michael Baisden in afternoon drive.  These shows are similar in 
structure to what's airing on WLNK--just a few songs an hour with 
plenty of talk targeted to the 25-44 or 25-54 demographic.  Some urban 
stations, like KKBT/Los Angeles, are airing these types of shows in all 

Stations are starting to figure out that content is king and that 
jukebox radio ultimately fails in the long run.  But most of us on this 
list already knew that...

--Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Jun 1, 2006, at 2:27 PM, Stephanie Weil wrote:

> On Thu, June 1, 2006 13:23, Charlie Profit said:
>> There is a new brand of Talk now, and it's female oriented talk. It's
>> converstational, not confrontational. Opinions are shared, but not 
>> with an
>> "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude that most talk hosts have.
> You say that, and your radio station carries Laura Schlessinger's show?
> Now that bitch is one confrontational piece of work!
> Joy Browne would probably fit the attempted format better....but that's
> probably just me.
> Now go out and take on the day. :)
> -- 
> Stephanie Weil
> New York City, NY, USA

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