Talk for Women (was: Spring Arbs Shockers - Now the Future of AM)

Charlie Profit
Thu Jun 1 13:23:19 EDT 2006

Women love Talk, they love's the Political Talk they don't like.
There is a new brand of Talk now, and it's female oriented talk. It's
converstational, not confrontational. Opinions are shared, but not with an
"I'm right, you're wrong" attitude that most talk hosts have. Health shows,
advice shows fit into this category. There have been talk "shows" geared
toward women, but only recently have a handful of stations taken the entire
line up and focused it on women. I'm more than happy to discuss more off

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Charlie Profit wrote:
>If you have a struggling AM station and are looking for a new format 
>for your station that attracts advertisers as well as listeners...There 
>are resources to tap into your market to make the Talk Radio for Women 
>format successful.

What exactly is "talk radio for women"?  Most women I know dislike even the
concept of talk radio.

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