It's officially, officially, officially official (WCRB/WKLB, that is)

Scott Fybush
Mon Jul 31 15:50:38 EDT 2006

> The HAAT and ERP are almost identical to 99.5's--unless, of course, 99.5
> moves to some other stick that's closer to Boston--assuming that's even
> possible. Or if it's possible it could be self-defeating, the way WAAF's
> move seems to have turned out.

99.5 could downgrade to a B1 (25 kw/328' equivalent) and move a bit to the
south, but it wouldn't gain a lot in the process and would lose big chunks
of NH.

99.5 Lowell and 97.5 Burlington/Phila are both full Bs at similar heights,
yes - but the big difference is the distance to the center city. It's over
20 miles from downtown Boston to Andover. It's less than 10 from center
city Philadelphia to the Wyndmoor tower where 97.5 will go.

I've been looking at Longley-Rice projections of the new 97.5 signal.
It'll put a solid 70 dBu almost down to the Delaware state line. 99.5
Lowell struggles to get 60 dBu over Boston, and fails to do even that in
some areas. That's the difference between hearing the signal on a clock
radio and having trouble hearing it even in the car, especially on a
quiet, noise-susceptible format like classical.


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