Dick Summer reveals the REAL father of classic rock radio inBoston

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I'm guessing, but I think Bradley arrived at WROW in 1953 or 1954. I don't
remember whether he was still at WROW when I graduated from RPI in late May
1956, but he may have been. As I recall (but I may be wrong), he didn't
appear at WBZ until I had been in Boston for a short while--and I arrived
for the summer session at MIT immediately after I graduated from RPI. I
think he and I are about the same age, which would put him in his early 70s
now. I think he was newly married when he arrived at WROW and that shortly
after he started work there, his wife gave birth to twins. If I'm right
about his age, he more than likely didn't go to college. If that's the case,
he probably started in radio in Buffalo while he was in high school and the
WROW gig could well have been his first full-time radio gig--apart from
summer jobs. If that's so, his talent was even more amazing because he
sounded like a seasoned pro at a very early age.

As far as other WROW announcers, I used to listen to George Leighton's
late-night show almost every evening. It started right after the 11:00 news
and was called "White Tower's Myoooz...ical Menu." The music was, as I
recall, a blend of MOR and EZ. The sponsor was, of course, that chain of
greasy little hamburger joints that, in those days, dotted the downtown
areas of places like Albany, Troy, and even New York City.

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> On 30 Jul 2006 at 7:17, Dan Strassberg wrote:
> > But since you lived in Albany at about the right time, do you remember
> > Bruce Bradley on WROW playing what I'd call something between EZ
> > listening and Top 40? One of his favorite records was an instrumental
> > called Rio Batucada--a selection I have not heard since Bradley played
> > it on WROW over 50 years ago.
> I don't think I was ever aware of many of the WROW air personalities,
> I'm afraid.  When was he there?
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