Dick Summer reveals the REAL father of classic rock radioin Boston

rogerkirk rogerkirk@ttlc.net
Sun Jul 30 08:39:06 EDT 2006

Donna Halper wrote:

>That is true to a certain extent-- daytime it was a straight-ahead 
>top-40, but the overnight show always had more freedom, so Dick could 
>use drop-ins (or "hacks" as they used to be called) and occasionally 
>play songs nobody else on the station played, especially weird 
>novelty records like "Grandpa's Grave."  ('They're removing grandpa's 
>grave to build a sewer..'-- ah they don't write lyrics like that 

"They're Shifting His Remains To Put In Sewage Drains"

IIRC, Grandpa's Grave was even played by Dave Maynard.  Dave also had his own little shtick - a spoken word piece about "The Twister" - a person who danced "The Twist"  

I also recall a frequently-used vocal drop-in that went:  "Rub Your Belly With Linseed Oil & Wrap Your Head In Aluminum Foil!"
Anybod know where that comes from?  

Grandpa's Grave was by Peter Sellers.

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