WTAO / WJIB tower

Russ Butler songbook2@comcast.net
Mon Jul 24 09:12:31 EDT 2006

I do not live in Boston anymore, but I grew up there - 1933 to 1952. (I 
used to chase radio towers for fun, and would visit the studios!) The 
original WTAO 740AM tower in Cambridge in 1949 was at the Fresh Pond 
rotary circle site right on Concord Avenue, perhaps 150 feet from the 
curb. The little studio was in Frank Lyman's Harvey Radio labs, below 
the tower. (I can still visualize Billy Dale spinning those white label 
vinyl, promo 78rpm discs on "Dunkin' Donuts with Dale" in the morning!! 
Maybe that's where the donut chain got it's name?)  There was a 
Chevrolet car dealership nearby the rotary circle on Concord Avenue 
(forgot the name, maybe it was Porter Chevrolet??)  Anyway, I digress, 
now to the point of this post:

Looking at the Google and MapQuest maps of the Fern and Field Streets to 
coordinate that tower location of WJIB today, it seems to me that the 
tower right on Concord Avenue was moved a block or so from the rotary 
circle  that I remember in 1949?  Is that the case, does anyone know?  
Or has that area in Cambridge just been over-developed and the roads 
have been changed or the land has new buildings with the tower remaining 
in the same spot built around them? It doesn't seem likely that the 
tower would be moved just a few hundred feet.  Just asking.

Thanks for the reply.  =Russ Butler  songbook2@comcast.net

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