FM E-Skip reception 7/15/06

Doug Drown
Sun Jul 16 07:09:21 EDT 2006

I was in the Calais, Maine area yesterday, and while enroute back home to
central Maine I picked up an Iowa station fading in and out on 90.9.  The
same thing happened a few days ago on 91.7.  I didn't catch call letters on
either occasion, unfortunately, but in each instance there were references
to local Iowa goings-on.

This isn't a terribly unusual occurrence during the summer; I've gotten
WOI-FM in Ames, Iowa, on several occasions in the past.  I agree with
Richard: there are times when it's fun (surprising to find what you can pull
in!) and times when it's annoying (when you're intent on listening to, or
watching, a particular station).


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> I didnt check the FM broadcast band for skip, but I
> have no doubt the skip was well into the FM band. I
> was able to ID KSNW TV-3 in Wichita Kansas. Also
> WSIL-TV in Illinois and WREG-TV in Tennessee. The
> Wichita Kansas was the furthest TV DX Ive received
> yet. It stinks being north of Bangor and having to aim
> the antenna south to get the Bangor stations only to
> get hash on 2 thru 6.
> Richard
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