Candidate as talk show co-host?

Daniel Billings
Sat Jul 15 17:10:49 EDT 2006

I'm not suggesting that Strimling's status as a candidate was why he was
selected as a guest host.  My question is whether it is appropriate to have
a candidate as a guest host so close to the election.  

Though Strimling may not have touted his campaign, the appearance still has
a significant value for his campaign.  What does WGAN charge for an ad on
the show?  How many times was Strimling's name and office mentioned during
the show?

It is widely expected that Congressman Tom Allen will run for the Senate in
2008 and Strimling will be a candidate for Congress if Allen runs for the
Senate.  Will WGAN continue to use Strimling as host if he becomes a
candidate for Congress?

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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> Ethan is a good fill-in.  His political status as a candidate did not
> enter
> into any decision.  If you noticed, he did not tout his political future.
> For the most part it was Mike who referred to him as a state senator,
> Strimling didn't mention it, except when asked.
> Dan

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