Candidate as talk show co-host?
Sat Jul 15 10:08:31 EDT 2006

I always tried to avoid putting candidates for office on the air as fill-in 
hosts, unless they were unopposed.  If the guy is unopposed, or if he has 
only one opponent who they also plan to allow a fill-in opportunity, then it 
is certainly something that can work without running into any fairness 
issues, legally or otherwise.

Dan Pierce
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Subject: Candidate as talk show co-host?

> The liberal half of WGAN's morning show was on vacation this week.  Ethan
> Strimling, a State Senator from Portland and a candidate for re-election
> this fall, filled in as the co-host.  He has filed in regularly on the 
> show
> over the last couple of years.  It seems weird to me that the station 
> would
> have a candidate for office as a show host on a political talk show just a
> few months before the election.  Thoughts?
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

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