seven second delay?
Sat Jul 15 10:06:15 EDT 2006

As a Program Director, it really boils down to your comfort level with the 
host's ability to understand how the system works and use it properly 
without making it sound like a train wreck on the air.  Those of us who 
spent time running boards before we became talk hosts are generally better 
able to understand how it all works and use it properly.  Unfortunately, so 
many talk hosts now come from outside the business and, therefore, have 
little or no understanding about the technical aspects of a broadcast.

Dan Pierce
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>> Others prefer not to allow hosts the opportunity to inadvertently screw 
>> up their show in that manner and, therefore, leave it entirely up to the 
>> producer.
>> Dan Pierce
> Ah, the "talent v. tech" conundrum.  I always preferred to have access to 
> delay dump.  Especially if my name was on the show.  Call it a pride in 
> the product thing.  But most talkers today didn't cut their teeth as radio 
> geeks. <beep> happens.
> Bill <beep> O'Neill

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