seven second delay?

Ron Bello
Fri Jul 14 10:42:41 EDT 2006

The delay on NESN is long enough that if one is listening to the Red 
Sox the radio,
you can walk to the other side of the house to see the same play on TV.

In the 70s, BZ had a audio tape loop that ran between 2 15-inch reel to reel
machines for their 7 second delay.  One has to assume it is all solid 
state today.

At 03:12 AM 7/14/2006, Bob Nelson wrote:
>Speaking of seven-second delay, recently I saw a North Shore Spirit 
>game in Lynn
>and the live WWZN broadcast had a 7 second delay (maybe even 14).
>You'd see a play happen--ground ball, shortstop to first, for
>example--and it wouldn't be described for a few seconds on air...and I
>think there's some kind of delay difference between WEEI and NESN (for
>those who want to hear the radio broadcast but watch the TV

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