seven second delay?
Fri Jul 14 11:35:48 EDT 2006

Bingo.  A radio delay system is only as good as the producer/board-op.  The 
WBZ system allows the producer to edit out clips of audio or dump the entire 
7 seconds of audio in the memory of the delay unit (which is standard 
practice, as I was using a similar system as a producer back at WHDH in the 
early 90s).  If the producer, answering phones or otherwise distracted, 
misses it, then the offending audio can get on the air.  Then he/she has to 
answer to the Program Director as to why they missed it.

Some talk set-ups will allow the host the option of hitting the "dump" 
button, which gets rid of the entire 7 seconds in the delay unit, as a 
back-up.  Others prefer not to allow hosts the opportunity to inadvertently 
screw up their show in that manner and, therefore, leave it entirely up to 
the producer.

Dan Pierce
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>  Donna Halper wrote:
>>Doesn't WBZ radio use a 7-second delay on its talk shows? Tonight, on Paul 
>>Sullivan, around 8.25pm or so, a caller discussing the scandal surrounding 
>>the Big Dig, asked why some people who used to defend Matt Amorello (the 
>>head of the Turnpike Authority) now suddenly want to "shitcan" him. 
>>Embarrassed silence and then the caller got cut off-- but it went over the 
>>air.  How did that happen?
> Sloppy board op maybe?

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