Re WMFP Channel 62

Howard Glazer
Tue Jul 11 14:07:12 EDT 2006

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Sent: Monday, July 10, 2006 11:57 PM
Subject: Re WMFP Channel 62

> >>>> From NERW And Shop at Home's WMFP (Channel 62) has its DTV facility,
> on channel 18 ....
> Channel 62 went to JewelryTV for a about three weeks, but now I'm seeing,
> a I type this, Shop@HomeTV once again.  Has Shop@home been given new
> life??
> John B
> Derry NH

WSAH (Channel 43) here in Connecticut has gone to a split
JewelryTV/Shop@Home format. I believe the JewelryTV folks now own Shop@Home,
or at least the rights to its name.

A real disappointment for me, as I'd hoped WSAH might actually have to air
something entertaining or informative. As I recall, the original license for
the station was issued to a group that hoped to put a Jewish-oriented
station on the air, but by the time it signed on, the programming was 100%

Speaking of alternative programming, any word yet on what Channel 38 is
going to be airing after UPN goes dark? I don't recall seeing anything about
WSBK on the list since shortly after the original announcement of the
creation of the CW.



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