W1XAL shortwave station in Boston

Donna Halper dlh@donnahalper.com
Sun Jul 9 23:17:18 EDT 2006

And even more confusing if we are trying to establish some correct 
locations and correct dates, I found a late 1931 NY Times article which 
lumps W1XAL in with Hollis Baird's experimental TV station, W1XAV -- and 
says both are operating from studios at 70 Brookline Ave (29 November 1931, 
section X, p. 7).  And yet... and yet, the Christian Science Monitor, which 
provided newspeople and speakers to W1XAL and then to WRUL, seldom if ever 
gave the 70 Brookline Ave address, nor was it on the newspaper ads or 
programs I have from the station... The Monitor was very specific about 
events that occurred at the Commonwealth Avenue address.  So perhaps Walter 
S. Lemmon had several studio locations in Boston?  

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