Joe Smith

Roger Kolakowski
Fri Jul 7 19:23:42 EDT 2006

Sorry Guys...

I didn't realize that Google had NO VALUE in research and validity as a
resource for history.

Even though we produced one personal source on the list and one "googlized"
resource which stated that Joe Smith held an "afternoon" shift on WMEX in
the late 50's, the information must be considered as more than questionable
because it isn't "published" or validly (recollection wise)personal.

Wait! One resource, Berklee Today, available in original format, was
published...umm, therefore all radio history, which isn't documented by the
subject, wait... the Berklee Times was said to be an "embellishment" by the
"party's" representatives... so...if the actual person doesn't reply (and
doesn't "embellish" in the process) then any response to a simple inquiry to
the group becomes subject to it's validity...

Give me a break...let's post at the beginning of every month, with the
list's caveats, that the list will assume that the member asking the
question has already used a proper "google" search and question's his/her

It will save all of us a lot of time trying to ASSIST the ORIGINAL
inquisitor, with any leads that are "less than official" in the list
members' opinions.

(...who didn't jut fall off the turnip truck)

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