Joe Smith

Roger Kolakowski
Wed Jul 5 18:07:11 EDT 2006

My Google was a little more forthcoming:

"Said Joe Smith of WMEX in Boston: "You declared it, which I did. I can
never ever remember having somebody give me a record with a $50 bill and
saying, 'Play this record.' It was always...."

"Date:.....February 16, 1999
Reviewer: A music fan

Of particular interest to anyone like me who grew up in the Boston area in
the late 50's is that 65 second gem called "The Joe Smith Theme". Joe Smith
was the #1 Rock and Roll diskjockey in Boston at that time, first at
WVDA/WEZE (1260) in the afternoon and in the evening, and then at WMEX
(1510) evenings only before ending his on-air career at WILD (1090)
afternoons only after the payola debacle. Joe began his evening shows with
that Valentine's theme song. Until this CD, I had not heard that theme song
for about 40 years. For me, that one cut was worth the price of the CD."

"Feb. 19, 1960

* WILD disc jockey Joe Smith testified that two record companies paid him
royalties on records sold in the Boston area, including one record in which
Dick Clark had an interest. He also admitted that he had received $8,955 in
a three year period from companies and seven manufacturers but denies
payola." suggestion is that Google cannot be discounted as a source, but rather
must be proven to be incorrect using other resources. Clearly, Joe Smith's
haunts in the 3 years prior to February 1960,have to be accounted for.

When did he leave WVDA and when did he join WILD? If they are the close to
the same time then MAYBE he didn't work at WMEX.

Googling is a very logical artform and it "molds" itself to your preferred
"style" of search...therefore one user will not get the same responses as
another. It's my fault for suggesting it...on top of that, I wasn't even in
Boston at the time!

Now if you want to hear about Joey Reynolds "Wild Weekend" theme on WPOP
("borrowed" from WKBW)or stories about the "King of Kielbasa Country" Dick
Heatherton and his sister Joey...or my favorite, WABC's "reverb", Hartford
and the Connecticut shore in the 60's is more in my league.


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> I Googled "Joe Smith" WMEX as you suggested and I did indeed get a page of
> links. If you read the citations for each link carefully, though, you will
> discover that only one suggests that Smith might have worked at WMEX. I
> followed that link (to a CD on sale at and I found nothing on
> the Amazon page that confirms the suggestion that Smith worked at WMEX. He
> may have done so, of course, but whether he really did remains very much
> doubt.
> Moral: Googling is an art that is much more complex and subtle than most
> people believe. Let that be a lesson to all who think you can insert
> terms and obtain useful information from the number of "hits."
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