New England, The Patriots and We

Bob Nelson
Wed Jul 5 11:48:29 EDT 2006

On 7/4/06, Chuck Igo <> wrote:

> The "Raymond Berry's Pats" (MacNamara's Band) was Tom Doyle with HDH's
> "Brucie & The Benchwarmers," and the single was actually pressed to
> vinyl (45rpm).
> Not sure on the other one, but "Brucie and the Benchwarmers" (Bruce
> Cornblat) did the majority of the sports' song parodies you might have
> heard on 850 WHDH

thanks for the info! There have been sports related song parodies over
the years. In the early 1990s, the Toronto Blue Jays inspired a couple
CDs--with proceeds going to charity,
the Variety Club of Southern Ontario--and many Toronto radio
personalities took part.
There were parodies of songs by Jim Croce, Beach Boys, Bachman Turner Overdrive,
Billy Ray Cyrus, etc.

And speaking of the Blue Jays, I noticed "Team 990" up in Montreal was
carrying their Saturday afternoon game when I was up in the
Burlington, VT area
this past weekend...though they didn't carry the Sunday game
(supposedly not every game will be on every single Blue Jay
affiliate). Looks like Montreal's all sports station
still wanted to have a baseball connection, despite last year's move
of the Expos
to Washington DC.

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