Joe Smith

Paul B. Currier
Wed Jul 5 07:45:01 EDT 2006

I'd have bet the barn that Joe was never on WMEX - still would.  Is the
testimony oral or written, ie a typo perhaps?

Does anyone on the BRI list actually recall hearing Joe on WMEX?

The wise old Vermonter used to say to believe none of what you hear and half
of what you see and you'll come out about right.

 Cape Cod
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> >>Ed wrote--
> >>  Donna, I have bound copies of "Hearings Before A Subcommittee Of The
> >> Committee On Interstate And Foreign Commerce House Of
> >> Representatives...Eighty-Sixth Congress...Second Session On Payola And
> >> Other Deceptive Practices In The Broadcasting Field."  (Dates are
> >> January, February, March, April, May and August of 1960.)  These books
> >> contain the testimony of many of the Boston radio people and music
> >> industry people. Among the many is Joe Smith.  In the testimony he
> >> states he was at WMEX but his shows were being recorded from outside of
> >> Boston, because he was living in New York at the time.  While in  New
> >> York he was the general professional manager of Dominion Music
> >> Publishing Company.  This was in 1958 .   I know that these volumes
> >> also in the library at Emerson when I was there, I graduated in
> >> 1965.  If you want more information from these books please let me
> >> know.   .........Edward M.
> That's surprising, because the payola hearing reporting from all of the
> newspaper accounts (Variety, Broadcasting, Boston Globe, Record, Herald,
> etc) all said Joe was at WILD at the time.  Is that incorrect?  Btw, I
> still teach at Emerson, so I can certainly check, but the transcripts of
> testimony that made the newspapers, and I am looking right at several of
> them, all associated Joe with WILD.  Go figure.

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