Transcription record question
Mon Feb 27 18:54:05 EST 2006

With respect to the request for help finding a player for an old transcription record, I believe that there are transcription players and/or lathes in the Museum of Broadcasting, located in the back room of WCAP, Lowell, right next to the Museum of Cooling (they never throw out broadcast equipment or old air conditioners, refrigerators, ice boxes, as one never knows when such things might be needed), and not very far from the "ladies entrance"  to the barroom/first floor tenant, Cappy's Copper Kettle.  The transcription machines may be in the locked portion of out back, in which case it would be necessary to hop the 8-foot wall to the front office, get the engineering office key from the coffee cup in the President's office, then get the backroom key from the drawer marked "flashers" in the engineering office. (and while in the locked portion of the outback, you could grab the key to the paper towel dispensers hidden on a hook behind the 1962-style official blazers, and then unlock said paper towel dispensers and change the setting from the  1.25 inches of paper/minute setting that ever-thrifty management preferred to something that would actually allow you to wipe your hands)

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