Globe: Mixed Signals (WESX sale)

Bill O'Neill
Mon Feb 27 10:32:14 EST 2006

Quoting Bob Nelson <>:can't remember if he mentioned WJDA
> though I think he talked about working for WSYB in Rutland)...

WSYB (1380 Rutland) // WWWT (1320 Randolph) is one of those last remaining local
stations worth noting. They continue with a very local news-talk AM drive with
locally produced talk from 9-11 and regionally produced 11-12. (Rush at noon,
Dr. L at 3). Lots of tenured local voices, good local sports committment. Let's
hope CC just leaves it alone as it is. 

The Rutland market is an interesting one. Distance, topography and even cultural
differences characterize Rutland as a very different animal from Burlington
Plattsburgh.  BP signals are rimshots, at best. WJJR (98.1 Rutland) hits Glens
Falls and Lebanon like a local and does a decent job getting up into north
central areas. CC even maintains two Kiss products (still separately produced)
at 92.1 and 97.1.  Rutland listeners seem more likely to be oriented to the
Upper Valley, Glens Falls or Bennington markets than to the north.  In a sense,
the Rutland market reminds me of the Merrimack Valley "market" of yore - albeit
awash in Boston signals, it had retained its identity and dominant influence

Bill O'Neill

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