John Bassett?
Fri Feb 24 19:09:56 EST 2006

> I'm really curious how John went from being a jock on one of the largest
> being a General Manager of small little WCCM.
> My memory of hearing him on spots/promos on WCCM was that his voice was
> nice/pleasant....but a little on the boring/bland side.
> Not quite what I would've expected from DJ on WBZ.

A couple of side stories here...

- At one time, JB was Curt Gowdy's boss.  When JB was at WHDH, I believe he was PD who oversaw Red Sox coverage - hence was Mr. Gowdy's boss.

- Keep in mind - at one time, WCCM wasn't always at 1490.  When it was at 800, it was a really great regional station, with a kickin' program line up, a great sales department and management/ownership that cared about being live and know - the way radio was in the good ol' days.

- I also believe JB served as Station Manager of WCGY and WCCM at one time...and was rather close to Mr. Gowdy once he bought the operations.  JB remains very close to the Gowdy family to this day.

- JB (IMO) gets "ramped up" for the good stuff, like high school sports, sports in general, and things near and dear to his heart.  Now considering JB is tipping the age wagon at 80+ years old and is still making the regular commute from South of Boston to Methuen, I give him all the credit in the world.    


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