Savage now on WGIR 610 AM Manchester NH
Wed Feb 22 08:24:53 EST 2006

When I worked as the PD at WGIR-AM I was told by the Chief Engineer at the 
time (Warren Small) that the tower array was a textbook example of how NOT 
to build a directional AM array.  It seems that when the site was built in 
1941 the plot of land was too small for the array, but they built the towers 
anyway.  Ed Brouder, who is the master of NH broadcast history, might have 
the fully-researched details, although I never thought to ask him about it 
(something about only worrying about the things I could control, rather than 
the things I could not).

Dan Pierce
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>I think  it's Uncanoonook, which raises the question of whether there's a
> Canoonook not too far away ;>) (I mean, wouldn't you have to have a
> Canoonook to have an Uncanoonook?) As for WGIR AM, the transmitter site is
> close to Route 93 as you head north from Manchester. Four very closely
> spaced in-line self-supporting towers. What is most unusual--besides the
> close spacing (45 degrees at 610, IIRC)--is that the towers are both
> self-supporting and guyed. However, it turns out that the guys are not for
> structural support, but rather, they support top loads formed by the upper
> part of the "guys." I've never seen a similar arrangement. The electrical
> height of those towers is significantly greater than the mechanical 
> height.
> WGIR's 1-kW night pattern sends most of the signal to the southeast. The
> 5-kW day pattern puts a signal over Manchester that is equivalent to the
> night signal but there is a much stronger daytime lobe to the northwest.
> WGIR is clearly audible during the day in both NH and VT WAY north of
> Manchester.
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>> I was just up in "Manch Vegas" myself yesterday...well, their webpage
>> lists Sean Hannity as being 3-7 pm (since Hannity airs 3-6 pm
>> nationally I'm guessing they re-run his first hour
>> at 6 pm?), Tom Martino 7-10, and Phil Hendrie after 10 pm. (Former
>> pitcher Bob Tewkbury
>> does an hour from 6-7 pm on Thu. nights). Well, maybe they have Savage
>> on 7-10 pm then.
>> Talk Radio Network, as I understand it, provides shows for free as
>> long as the ads are
>> carried.
>> WNSH was originally going to run Savage by Keating mentioned that he
> switched to
>> Micheal Reagan instead.
>> I think most of the "sticks" in Manchester are on that mountain to the
>> west (Oocanook or
>> something); well, as I walked around downtown, I noticed WGIR taking up a
> lot of
>> space (from 600 to about 650) on my Walkman, and some of the FM signals
>> like WGIR-FM and even the repeater of WOKQ (W250AB, 97.9) showing up at
> various
>> other spots on the dial as well. (This is the Walkman digital model
>> with AM/FM/TV
>> Sound/Weather that sells for about $35; maybe the radio itself may
>> have resulted in
>> these quirks. Might not happen on, say, my car stereo.)
>> On 2/21/06, John Bolduc <> wrote:
>> > I noticed after the 8pm news last night that Michael Savage was airing
> on
>> > WGIR 610 AM Manchester NH. This is new to WGIR.
>> >
>> > John B
>> > Derry NH
>> >

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