Savage now on WGIR 610 AM Manchester NH

Bob Nelson
Tue Feb 21 11:22:15 EST 2006

I was just up in "Manch Vegas" myself yesterday...well, their webpage
lists Sean Hannity as being 3-7 pm (since Hannity airs 3-6 pm
nationally I'm guessing they re-run his first hour
at 6 pm?), Tom Martino 7-10, and Phil Hendrie after 10 pm. (Former
pitcher Bob Tewkbury
does an hour from 6-7 pm on Thu. nights). Well, maybe they have Savage
on 7-10 pm then.
Talk Radio Network, as I understand it, provides shows for free as
long as the ads are

WNSH was originally going to run Savage by Keating mentioned that he switched to
Micheal Reagan instead.

I think most of the "sticks" in Manchester are on that mountain to the
west (Oocanook or
something); well, as I walked around downtown, I noticed WGIR taking up a lot of
space (from 600 to about 650) on my Walkman, and some of the FM signals
like WGIR-FM and even the repeater of WOKQ (W250AB, 97.9) showing up at various
other spots on the dial as well. (This is the Walkman digital model
with AM/FM/TV
Sound/Weather that sells for about $35; maybe the radio itself may
have resulted in
these quirks. Might not happen on, say, my car stereo.)

On 2/21/06, John Bolduc <> wrote:
> I noticed after the 8pm news last night that Michael Savage was airing on
> WGIR 610 AM Manchester NH. This is new to WGIR.
> John B
> Derry NH

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