Pattern Changes, etc

Dan Strassberg
Sat Feb 18 14:48:20 EST 2006

"Kaimbridge" can give you the REAL lowdown, but I believe that we are in a
minimum in the ~11-year sunspot cycle, which means that we are in an 11-year
high in AM DX reception. That could completely explain your observations.
Certainly the anecdotal reports on the AM DX mailing lists support the
impression that DX reception is unusually good this winter. Reports of TAs
and TPs (trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific reception) abound.

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> > -  Dan Strassberg:   thank you for correction on critical hours
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> > hours each side!
> I don't know if I'm imagining things, but I can't remember a
> protracted period of time when sunrise-sunset times have seemed so
> irrelevant than during the past few months.  I have a dual-mode
> pushbutton in my car for WXKS/WKOX and can tell you that all throughout
> the late fall and most of the winter, 1430's and 1200's have continued
> to impinge on their DAYTIME signals long after sunrise and well
> before sunset (and I'm not sure the sports station La Canade is
> the only offender).  Other AM dial spots have offered nighttime
> reception while the Sun was well above the horizon.  After the
> post about WNSH returning to talk, I couldn't pick it up where
> it would usually come in fine during the day...other 1570's were
> slaughtering it and WQEW was coming in almsost as strong as
> midnight and splattering WNSH to death.  By the way, this
> morning, I noticed that Salem, NH's WCEC was off the a
> scan of 1110, 1120 and 1130 presented hash from WILD-AM's IBOC;
> a pretty good signal from WBNW in Conkuhd, Mass; and WBBR
> in NYC.  From time to time Drudge posts messages from MASA and
> NOAA about solar activity, but not lately...maybe the Earth's
> polarity is changing!
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