Wolfe in for Whittemore at WRKO

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Wed Feb 15 02:51:45 EST 2006

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> Subject: Re: Wolfe in for Whittemore at WRKO
> What's the deal with AM drive on Boston radio? L&W seem to be
> getting the job done - and they are funny. Funny and radio in the 
> same sentence...what a concept. WBZ is keeping the news deal 
> going on.
> I've been out of the market for six years now but visit often. I 
> used to look forward to spinning the dial of AM drive.  Now, it's 
> almost not worth the digital exercise. What seems to be missing is 
> rock solid name recognition, king-makers, local icons on Boston 
> radio. And am I jaundiced in my view that it is intentional? Keeps 
> salaries down.

Dale Dorman is still at it mornings on WODS, just a couple short of
40 years on-air in the Boston market. He still seems to have as much
of that spontaneous 60's Top 40 air style as possible within today's
formatting, and his ad-libbed asides are much funnier than the hokey
bits that their writers script for the show (IMO).


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