Herald article: Andelman's return

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Wed Feb 15 01:11:18 EST 2006

On 14 Feb 2006 at 13:29, Bob Nelson wrote:

> Note: web version of article incorrectly lists WTKK's frequency (the
> newsprint version also had "do" instead of "due" after "was cancelled"
> but that was corrected in the web version

That's  a pretty mild error.  Monday morning, in reporting on the 
hospitalization of former governor Ed King, the newscaster on WBZ 
called him "Mel King."

In case anyone from WBZ news is reading this, Mel King is an African-
American from Mission Hill, who was a state representative in the 
1970s and a candidate for mayor of Boston in 1979 and 1983.  Edward 
J. King is Irish-American and was governor from 1979-1983.  He was a 
conservative Democrat, but later became a Republican.  King defeated 
Governor Dukakis in the 1978 Democratic primary and was in turn 
defeated by Dukakis in 1982.  He is not to be confused with Edward F. 
King, who was already a conservative Republican when he ran for 
governor in 1978 and lost the primary to Representative Frank Hatch.

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