NY Post: Paul Harvey to be replaced?

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This subject came up on June 25, 1998 also.  At that time I replied to Dan
as shown below in the quotes.  The program was on WBZ.  I am also pretty
sure what got Ted into trouble with the church was some extracurricular
affairs.   (For more detail go to:  

Ira Apple

"I agree wholeheartedly with Dan's assessment of Garner Ted.  The delivery
and the writing of his programs were outstanding.  He also knew how to
increase time spent listening.  When Garner Ted had the famous fall-out with
his father I had a chance to do a talk show with him.  He told us that
before what he described as the shunning by his dad and the followers, each
day would bring in 33 full bags of mail almost all with money and checks.
After Ted left and went on his own, the donations to HW dropped to only
three bags a day.  I always thought that Garner Ted could have been a
success in any endeavor of his choice."

Ira Apple

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I don't recall all the details, but I seem to remember that Garner Ted had
been in a scandal, and was removed not by his father (who may have died by
that time), but by the church leadership.  I believe this occurred after the
schism in the church, in which the mainstream body moved toward more
conventional, orthodox Christianity and the splinter group (led by Garner
Ted) retained the original doctrinal tenets.  The latter has since split at
least twice, and there are now several "competing" denominations, each of
which has a syndicated telecast.  There had been trouble brewing between
Garner Ted and Herbert long before all this happened.


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> I am surprised that Wikipedia reports Garner Ted's date of death as 2003.
> thought he died decades earlier. Perhaps what happened decades earlier was
> that Garner Ted was involved in some sort of scandal that was discovered
> his father, and that scandal led to his father's removing him from his
> position with the church. I think there were allegations that Herbert was
> jealous of the power that Garner Ted had gathered around himself and that
> Herbert framed him so that he could remove him from the Church. I think
> there can be no question that nobody could raise anywhere near as much
> for the Church as could Garner Ted.
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> > You obviously never heard Garner "Ted" Armstrong of the WorldWide Church
> of
> > God.
> According to Wikipedia: "Garner Ted Armstrong (February 9, 1930 -
> September 15, 2003), American evangelist, was the son of Herbert W.
> Armstrong. He developed his speaking style by copying the tones of
> news broadcaster Paul Harvey.... In his programs he skillfully mixed
> political, economic, and social news of the day with Bible-based
> commentary."
> Somehow I remember that some UHF station in town, maybe Ch 38 or 56, used
> to run his TV show. Never saw, but noticed in TV listings.

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