NY Post: Paul Harvey to be replaced?

Doug Drown revdoug1@verizon.net
Sun Feb 12 16:03:45 EST 2006

Reading all these posts makes me wonder the obvious: Why isn't Paul Harvey's
son under consideration as his successor?   And if not Paul Jr., would
Paul's old stand-in Bill Deal be a possibility?  I think he went to WTMJ in
Milwaukee when he left ABC a few years back.


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> Dan Strassberg wrote:
> > I really enjoyed Scott Simon when he was teamed with Daniel Pinkwater on
> > Chin-Wag Theater, but Simon gets awfully old awfully fast for me when
> > brings him in in the wake of some disaster. Whether it's genuine or not,
> > "Scott Simon whisper" strikes me as a horrible and totally inappropriate
> > pure show-biz affectation. Makes me want to throw the radio through a
> > and never give another cent to WBUR or WGBH. Different strokes for
> > folks, I guess.
> Funny thing - I guess I've become so accustomed to NPR being
> significantly behind the curve on breaking news that if something big is
> happening, I'm tuned elsewhere, either to TV or to commercial radio. As
> a result, when Scott's in that mode, I'm not around to listen.
> I suppose that's not a very complimentary thing for someone in my shoes
> to be saying, but even NPR's news leadership will admit that rapid
> response to big stories isn't what they do best there.
> s

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