NY Post: Paul Harvey to be replaced?

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sun Feb 12 15:19:42 EST 2006

Dan Strassberg wrote:
> I really enjoyed Scott Simon when he was teamed with Daniel Pinkwater on
> Chin-Wag Theater, but Simon gets awfully old awfully fast for me when NPR
> brings him in in the wake of some disaster. Whether it's genuine or not, the
> "Scott Simon whisper" strikes me as a horrible and totally inappropriate
> pure show-biz affectation. Makes me want to throw the radio through a window
> and never give another cent to WBUR or WGBH. Different strokes for different
> folks, I guess.

Funny thing - I guess I've become so accustomed to NPR being 
significantly behind the curve on breaking news that if something big is 
happening, I'm tuned elsewhere, either to TV or to commercial radio. As 
a result, when Scott's in that mode, I'm not around to listen.

I suppose that's not a very complimentary thing for someone in my shoes 
to be saying, but even NPR's news leadership will admit that rapid 
response to big stories isn't what they do best there.


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