NY Post: Paul Harvey to be replaced?

Doug Drown revdoug1@verizon.net
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Dan:  Thanks for this post.  I'm glad I'm not the only person who thought
Garner Ted sounded just like Paul Harvey.  The timbre of the voice, the
accent, the inflections . . . you'd swear they were twins.  Amazing.


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> You obviously never heard Garner "Ted" Armstrong of the WorldWide Church
> God. He used to ('50s) have a late-night program on many 50-kW AMs around
> the country. At one time, I believe Garner Ted was the top man at the
> Church, but at one point, he feuded with his father, the founder of the
> Church, who expelled him and took over the radio program. The senior
> Armstrong did not have his son's dynamic delivery and eventually the
> programs went off the air because the older Armstrong couldn't raise
> money to keep them on the air. A while later, I believe Garner Ted was
> dead in his home under what I think were suspicious circumstances. Anyhow,
> Garner Ted sounded more like Paul Harvey than Paul Harvey did. Really! If
> Garner Ted were alive today and still sounded like he did 50 years ago,
> be the perfect candidate to take over the program because the Garner Ted
> that day sounded WAY, WAY, WAY more like the Paul Harvey of old than does
> today's Paul Harvey
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> > I am stating the obvious by saying that Paul Harvey cannot be replaced.
> >
> > Paul

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