NY Post: Paul Harvey to be replaced?

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You obviously never heard Garner "Ted" Armstrong of the WorldWide Church of
God. He used to ('50s) have a late-night program on many 50-kW AMs around
the country. At one time, I believe Garner Ted was the top man at the
Church, but at one point, he feuded with his father, the founder of the
Church, who expelled him and took over the radio program. The senior
Armstrong did not have his son's dynamic delivery and eventually the
programs went off the air because the older Armstrong couldn't raise enough
money to keep them on the air. A while later, I believe Garner Ted was found
dead in his home under what I think were suspicious circumstances. Anyhow,
Garner Ted sounded more like Paul Harvey than Paul Harvey did. Really! If
Garner Ted were alive today and still sounded like he did 50 years ago, he'd
be the perfect candidate to take over the program because the Garner Ted of
that day sounded WAY, WAY, WAY more like the Paul Harvey of old than does
today's Paul Harvey

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> I am stating the obvious by saying that Paul Harvey cannot be replaced.
> Paul

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