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Tue Feb 7 17:59:35 EST 2006

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> > I don't know if they carry Stephanie Miller's show live at 9:00 am
> > till noon, but last night they DID carry a rebroadcast of that day's
> > show.  Steph is a Buffalo-area native.
> >
> The full lineup -
> 6am - Bill Press (Jones)
> 9am - Stephanie Miller (Jones)
> noon - Leslie Marshall ("local" - ISDN from California)
> 3pm - Ed Schultz
> 7pm - Stephanie repeat
> 10pm - Lionel (WOR)
> 1am - Joey Reynolds (WOR)
> s

This is great news for Stephanie/Jim Ward acolytes who aren't near
a radio on weekday mornings!  Last night, one skit was drawn from
an LA Times story about pirate broadcasters relaying the Howard Stern show.
Well, Jim did a spot-on imitation of H calling the FCC to complain,
only to be put on hold.  The Stephanie Miller show is the closest
thing to performance art on the radio (but Chris is a dullard...
doomed to play the Durward Kirby/Ed McMahon/Imus staff role and
laugh out loud throughout).


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