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Tue Feb 7 07:01:26 EST 2006

You are correct. I figured out the Wireready Automation system over 
the weekend, and am now enjoying those shows. We will be having 
Micharl Reagan instead of Mike Savage. My personal thanks to TRN for 
allowing us to have Laura.

The better part of our new scheme is that, because I am so cheap, I 
balked at the $700 rent for a local office, and our production and 
main studio now resides in an old barn on our property. So, in  a 
where's waldo moment, try to identify all the farm, pet, and 
neighborhood sounds you can hear in the background during our live 
shows. There should be three dogs barking and playing, two donkeys, 
and at night the calls of fisher cats and coyotes.

Question : anyone have experience selling packages of advertising on 
eBay? Anyone use that new service that automatically loads ads and 
does affidavits at night?

At 06:38 AM 2/7/2006, you wrote:
>Today, WNSH started running Laura Ingraham at 9 am and they're to run Michael
>Savage at 6 pm. WTTT picks up Sean Hannity at 3 pm.
>Ingraham's show still airs on WTKK, and Savage is still at WRKO. Beverly is
>in the Boston market and one would expect a syndicator (Talk Radio
>Network in this case) might give market
>exclusivity to a certain station, but apparently it isn't so


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