Market exclusivity, WTTT, and WNSH

Bob Nelson
Mon Feb 6 12:15:25 EST 2006

Today, WNSH started running Laura Ingraham at 9 am and they're to run Michael
Savage at 6 pm. WTTT picks up Sean Hannity at 3 pm.

Ingraham's show still airs on WTKK, and Savage is still at WRKO. Beverly is
in the Boston market and one would expect a syndicator (Talk Radio
Network in this case) might give market
exclusivity to a certain station, but apparently it isn't so. They can't
tell WTTK "you're the only one in the market to run Laura", but maybe
WTKK isn't afraid they'll lose too many listeners to a weaker AM signal.
Hey, TRN wants as many people to hear the show, and their ads, as
possible---so Boston gets her on two stations now. (I believe TRN
provides programming for free
providing the ads are run.)

Similarly, I don't think WRKO would worry too much about a weaker signal
station (especially after dark) also carrying Savage. He's also on WCAP
in Lowell.

Meanwhile, while WTTT is picking up Hannity, there's no indication yet on
the WTKK website that Hannity is gone. Could it be that ABC Radio,
Sean's syndicator, is also not giving market exclusivity to WTKK? ABC
may figure "well, we can keep them on BOTH--run it live on WTTT and then
at midnight at WTKK". Perhaps they were upset that 96.9 moved him to
a slot with much fewer listeners but maybe ABC is keeping the show on
_both_, to maximize exposure. Not sure if Hannity is "free, provided you
carry the ads" or if stations pay a fee...not sure. Anyway, we now have
some of the most popular talk shows on different AM stations: WNSH
picking up Ingraham and Savage, and WTTT picking up Hannity (second only
to Rush according to TALKERS and other sources.)

Now, it's possible that those who tune to WTKK tonight at midnight might
hear a third hour of Ingraham instead of Hannity, which means ABC
would be giving market exclusivity to WTTT. Or maybe he'll air on both!

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