Bob Nelson
Sat Feb 4 11:11:20 EST 2006

Good to know! By the way, for those into political talk, "labels"
might depend on who is doing the labelling. Some liberals might hear a
talk show that's moderate or libertarian, say,
and pronounce it as "far right wacko" while some conservatives might
hear the same and
call is "far left wacko", etc.!

One show Talk Radio Network has is Tammy Bruce, and I'd hope she'd be
on;. I know WNSH was running Jerry Doyle, who is from TRN; who's Tammy
Bruce? She filled in for Laura Ingraham on occasion and her site
describes her as "an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death
penalty, voted-for-President Bush progressive feminist". Hmm...try to
put her in either the "strictly left" or "strictly right" category!
(Time to dig out my copy of Johnny Cash's
"The One On The Left Is On The Right"

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