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Keating Willcox
Sat Feb 4 08:46:44 EST 2006

Roger is correct. WNSH was using a great service, WRN, for a 
automated and voice tracked music format, and it served us well. But, 
when we upgraded to a wireready automation system, it was possible to 
go back to talk, which I think makes some sense. AM is a rough place 
to have a music format, even oldies, and our now small signal will 
get more done with a talk format. Our morning drive has moderate 
liberal news show, then from 9A to 9P the announcers tend to be 
conservative, then back to moderate-liberal at night. But remember, 
all these guys want liberal callers so that disagreements and 
discussion prevail. And within a few weeks our local weekend shows 
will all return. I do almost all the programming for the wireready, 
so it will take me a week or two to get the bugs out, and get our 
signal strength back up. Thanks for your patience. I'd like to thank 
my engineer Grag Lynam for his incredible work and skills. We keep 
the automation system and transmitter at Endicott, but the main 
studio has moved to my premises in Hamilton, MA. I have a long dirt 
driveway, and in the mud season, it is almost impassable, so good 
luck to the weekend announcers, be sure to bring your boots to work.....

Let me add that the Asher family was an example of the best in radio. 
The few times I met Jay, he was always a gentleman. WESX had great 
programming, and was a tremendous asset to the community. The 
newspaper suggests that he is retiring and we wish all the Ashers the 
very best.


Keating Willcox ~/~

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