Bulletin: WESX-WJDA being sold!

Paul B. Currier paulcurrier@adelphia.net
Fri Feb 3 15:46:09 EST 2006

Yes, they were great little stations especially when they were live.  I kind
of grew up with JDA being a South Shorite.  Memories of Jerry Howard AKA
Slim Pickins; his weather forecasts including "It's gonna rain in Maine;
There'll be a breeze in the trees and a worry of a flurry;  Tonight'll be
dahk as a pocket" ....and more that I cannot recall.

There was a good crew broadcasting.  And of course, "Pahty Line" every mid

'ESX had more varied and interesting musical shows.  I cannot recall the
name of any of their DJ's but am sure that I should recall one in
Oh for the better days of radio........

Sandwich MA

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> On Fri, February 3, 2006 14:46, marklaurence@mac.com said:
> > Google shows Otto Miller heads the People's Broadcasting Network, aka
> > in Connecticut.
> Otto Miller was also the GM for Arthur Liu's Multicultural Radio in New
> York City back, when it was only 105.9 FM and later added AM 1380.
> Liu also owns WLYN in Lynn.
> > WDJZ's website features a mission statement including this description
> > their programming philosophy - (caps theirs): "THE LINEUP OF STARS ON A
> Well...it's been nice knowing you WJDA.  :'(
> It's a shame.  It was a fun little music station to listen to, along with
> WJIB when I'm in the Boston Metro.
> --
> Stephanie Weil
> New York City, NY, USA

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