HD Gets A Boost

R Trovato xtrovato@yahoo.com
Fri Feb 3 02:44:29 EST 2006

> Seems to me that the move to digital is making radios more like
> cellphones or MP3 players - the expectation is that they'll be
> obsolete (or at least replaced) every few years, unlike analog
> radios, where the lifecycle is measured in decades.

Although, some things take a long time to become obsolete.

We've been hearing the death knell of newspapers for years.

TV was supposed to kill radio.

Home video was supposed to kill the movie theaters.

And look how long it took Western Union to stop sending telegrams...while
they have been obsolete for at least 20 years!

(BTW...WU just sent it's _last_ telegram last Friday.)

Personally, I've never known anyone to send or recieve a telegram in my

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