Gary LaPierre Wraps Up 42 Years At WBZ

Donna Halper
Sun Dec 31 19:17:09 EST 2006

At 04:10 PM 12/31/2006, you wrote:

>Well I still can not get over that Carl Moore and The Beantown 
>Matinee are no longer on the air (original WEEI); and Ray Dorey with 
>The Park Squares (Original WHDH).

Ah but at least one member of the original Park Squares, Don Alessi, 
is still alive and even though he's around 90, he still 
performs.   Had lunch with him a few months ago and he looked 
great!  Jess Cain has been ill, but he too is still with us, and I 
have some rare photos of him from the 50s and 60s.  But too bad so 
few pieces of audio (or even video for that matter) remain of some of 
our legendary broadcasters-- Big Brother Bob Emery spanned the 
decades from the early 1920s right up to the early 70s, yet if 
anybody has a kinescope of him, I haven't found one.  I have one of 
his phonograph records from 1926 (!) but not much else.  I do have 
pictures of Ray Dorey and a couple of his 78s.  Carl Moore-- he got 
started circa 1932 with "Beantown Varieties" and I have a photo of 
him at the piano.  Photos I have.  Sound, I have not.  And what about 
the old Yankee Network-- I have their sounder:  "News while it IS 
news, the Yankee Network is on the air," and I think a few old 
newscasts are out there somewhere...

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