Gary LaPierre Wraps Up 42 Years At WBZ

Bill O'Neill
Sun Dec 31 09:47:40 EST 2006

Scott Fybush wrote:
> I'm pretty sure we haven't heard the last from "the boy from Shelburne
> Falls" just yet...
> s
I have no doubt that Scott, Donna, and others here with their keen sense 
of history will deliver some great material on Gary LaPierre in the 
weeks and months ahead. Certainly no look back to Boston radio history 
will be complete without a look at LaPierre's impact.

I was also impressed with Gary's work on the TV side. I recall him being 
a frequent noon anchor and he did quite well.   I wonder if the Archives 
here could find space for a classic rendition of LaPierre reciting 
no-school announcements at Warp-4 (unretouched audio, of course!)

Happy New Year to all-a-yiz in BRI land.

Bill O'Neill
I just looked back to the archives and it looks like I've transited the 
ten year mark here. Pass the Postum [cough].

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