Avi Nelson filling in for Howie Carr

Hakim Madjid hmadjid@gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 16:44:24 EST 2006

Bob Nelson writes:

>Avi Nelson will be filling in for Howie Carr from Tue. through Friday
of next week. Has been described as a libertarian or conservative; I
>believe he ran for office as a Republican, and I know he started
>WMFP-TV 62 in Lawrence. He and Jerry Williams were the subjects of
>the 1987 book "Talk Radio and the American Dream".

Yes Avi Nelson has been active in Republican politics for a while.
Around 30 years ago, he ran against Ted Kennedy. As far as local radio
or TV is concerned, Avi Nelson - the first I heard anything of him -
used to be on WITS 1510 way back when, noontime hours IIRC.

IIRC during the mid to late 80s he was a regular on the 5 on 5 TV show.

I've got him tuned in right now -- his voice doesn't sound all that great.

>For some reason my gmail address kept bouncing back my posts to this
list so I am trying another email address I have and hope >this works.

Gmail is not a problem on this list. On the formatting tool bar, just
above where you write your message, click on the Plain Text link.

73 de Hakim (N1ZFF)

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