Art Horn
Tue Dec 26 04:36:03 EST 2006

dan wrote:

> Art Horn is doing the weather tonight on WGME.  He worked in 
> Portland many
> years ago.  
> I think he also worked in Boston at one time.
> Does anyone know where he has worked recently?

not sure where he's been, but i have to laugh in that he did 
a "holiday night" newscast - Washington's Birthday, 1982, Wayne Mahar 
used to fill in for Art for weekends and holidays.  Wayne wanted to 
scoot early, so he told them to re-run the 6pm weather portion and 
went home.  Dave King, then WGAN-TV GM, said "no way - find someone."  
Art was called and said that, no thank you, he wouldn't come in.  so 
down the hall they came from TV to radio and asked the new kid in the 
building to do the 11pm weather.  the new kid got off the air at 9pm, 
ran home to put on his (only) suit, and then back for a crash course 
on TV Weather 101.  stand here, point there - monitors to your left 
and right beside the chromakey wall.  all went well during run 
throughs.  so the camera & tech guys thought it would be a hoot if 
they turned the monitors into the wall so the new kid couldn't see 
what he was doing, save for the complete reverse image of the 
teleprompter.  looked like Travolta doing his t
hing on the dance floor.

and one other Art story - that same winter season (April Fool's day, 
no less), Art was doing the 11pm weather, live, stating the snow had 
stopped and all would be well.  unbeknownst to Art, it hadn't even 
remotely slowed down - so much so to the point that those of us, 
including "the new kid," who would have left by 9pm or so could NOT 
get out of the building, let alone the parking lot.  imagine our glee 
when Art put on his nifty top coat and gloves and was stopped cold by 
the wall of snow that completely covered the front entrance of 
Northport Plaza that evening.  it was a good laugh to tide us all over 
as we all grabbed a slab of floor for some sleep.  

- - Chuck (once the new kid) Igo

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