Heywood Vincent

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While we're on the subject of people who used to be on WNAC, wasn't Roy
Leonard, who was on WGN and WGN-TV in Chicago for years, a WNAC air
personality at one time?  I'm thinking he left 'NAC  to go to CJAD in
Montreal, and wound up in Chicago after that.  Am I right?


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> >>I (being a little younger...I was not a 680 listener in the NAC days)
> recall
> Heywood Vincent doing "Sports Personality Profiles" (genre, not a show
> name)
> for CBS in the late 60s early 70s, though I thought the name was Heywood
> Vincent Hale or some such...same guy?<<
> You're thinking of the guy with the loud sport jackets who showed up on
> the CBS Evening News on the weekends doing some rather well-written
> sports essays:  Heywood Hale Broun.
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