Montreal Gazette on centennial of 1st radio broadcast

Donna Halper
Sat Dec 23 22:15:21 EST 2006

The original in the Ottawa paper is longer and has more quotes from 
me... Also, I can send anyone who wants to see my research, a file 
copy of the article Chris Sterling and I co-wrote for the AWA Review, 
which shows pretty conclusively that Fessenden had broadcast voice 
and music before December 24th; I disagree that the Xmas eve 
broadcast never occurred--  I believe it did, but everyone in the 
press thought other things were more important (as I explain in my 
article, the week he did the two demonstrations, there was a bad 
snowstorm, as well as Boston being obsessed with "telephone wars"-- 
two new companies were going after AT&T for the right to operate 
their companies in Boston, and the media were caught up in the law 
suit, the debate, the hearings, the attitudes of people about phone 
company monopolies, etc.  Fessenden, a grouchy and very contentious 
person even in good times, was 40 miles from Boston and the reporters 
who showed up did so on the 21st, rather than the 34th...        

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