Avi Nelson filling in for Howie Carr

Don A. Donald_Astelle@yahoo.com
Sat Dec 23 14:49:50 EST 2006

> > I remember Avi Nelson having a talk show of his own in Boston years
> > ago;
> > what station?  Was it WHDH?
> He was a panelist on the "Five on 5" show Sunday mornings. A quick
> Google didn't turn up precisely what station he was on.

If I have my chronology right.  (I am getting old)....

When WHDH first added talk in the evening (pre-Brudnoy), Avi was the host

Avi then had to give up that position to run for the Senate(?)
This is when David Brudnoy hit the airwave with his own show.
I am thinking this was late 70's.

Avi had also been on WITS, WMEX, WMRE (1510AM) at different times.

I remember Avi stayed on (a union thing) when they flipped to WMRE (Music of
your Life), and was playing music for awhile....I assume in order to keep
collecting the union paycheck.

But hearing Avi play music was interesting.

I was trying to remember who took over the WHDH show after Brudnoy left to
go to WRKO.

I think it was Hubert Jessup, right?

Anyone know who it was after that?


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