format change for Boston's progressive talk

Bob Nelson
Thu Dec 21 11:42:01 EST 2006

> At this very moment, WKOX/WXKS-AM is not only giving NO indication
> of the switcheroo, but is airing promos for Ed Schultz and
> Randi Rhodes.

If it indeed will happen in 20 minutes (after I type this), it's
possible that these were just programmed into the computer beforehand
(though they could have substituted them
with PSAs, etc.)

I remember the last "Talking Trivia" (Morgan White Jr.) show on WMRE
before the station
went "dark" for a few months, and Morgan said at one point, "I notice
not too many promos
are being aired" (this being the old days when people played promos rather than
computer-generated...) Someone laughed. (Morgan then went on to say,
as the station
would be off-air in a day or so, "If you're owed prizes by any of the
shows here...I wouldn't
wait too long if I were you" and he urged them to drop by their
Brookline Ave. studios ASAP.

The WKOX/WXKS prog talk site is still up, including the
messageboard--a new post mentions a yahoo group to "save (or restore)
prog. talk in Boston". In Madison, WI,
some 4,500 signatures were presented to Clear Channel protesting the change of
"The Mic" to sports talk on 1/1, but I'm not sure if that will
influence their decision.
Any efforts in Boston will probably focus on taking it to another station (the
WKOXKS board had another post suggesting a ring of smaller stations like
WDIS picking up some shows)

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